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Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising. That is why many serious businesses are taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

I love arguing with people over the relevance of email marketing these days. When was the last time you went a day without checking your email?

Personalizing any kind of marketing has proven to be much more effective than just 'blanket marketing'. Any time a company impresses me with a level of email marketing, I'm interested in checking them out further.

Over half of all people that use the internet use and send email every day. Email marketing can be an economical and highly effective way to get your business on the map. Here is why email marketing can be a successful addition to your marketing needs.


17 Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is utilized by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. Those who are unfamiliar with this method of advertising may not immediately understand why it is so popular amongst companies in a variety of industries - but here are 17 reasons why email marketing is seen by many as vital marketing tool...



It’s Simple

It’s easy and it’s simple. Anyone can do it anytime. This method allows you to use the mailing list which gives you the ability to distribute information to a wide range of specific, potential clients at a low cost to you.



One of the most obvious benefits of email marketing is its lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels. There are no print or postage costs and no fees paid in exchange for exposure on a certain billboard, magazine or television channel.                                     

Email marketers might consider investing in specialist software to automate, track and evaluate their emails. Granted, there may be a small overhead for sending thousands of emails at a time, but these costs are far lower than what you would expect to pay using other marketing channels.


Target fans of your brand 

Email marketing is one of the only channels that consumers ask to receive. The majority of businesses utilizing the platform only send messages to those who have signed up to receive them. This can allow for much higher conversion rates as a business is only targeting those who already have an interest in their brand. It is, of course, possible to send unsolicited email marketing messages, but this is only likely to annoy consumers and result in a damaged brand image.



Email list segmentation works fantastically for brands who gain information about their subscribers. Studies have shown that marketers who use this tactic often boast improved engagement rates as a result.  


Calls to action

Email marketing is great for taking advantage of impulse buying. There aren't many other marketing platforms which allow customers to go from witnessing an offer to purchasing an item within two clicks of a button. With a tempting call to action and a link straight to the checkout, email newsletters can drive sales like no other channel.


Easy to create

Email marketing doesn't necessarily require a huge team or reams of technical nous in order to be successful. It's certainly possible to jazz up an email campaign with fancy templates, videos, images and logos. Yet, some of the most successful campaigns utilize simple plain text emails, suggesting that it's the content of an email that is the most important thing.


Easy to track

Another key benefit of email marketing is that it's easy to see where you're going wrong. Most email marketing software will allow you to track open, click-through and conversion rates, making it simple to spot how a campaign can be improved. These changes can be made almost immediately too, whereas print or broadcast advertising requires quite a bit of effort to alter.


Easy to share

Subscribers can forward brilliant deals and offers to their friends at the click of a button. There aren't many other types of marketing that can be shared as easily as this. Before you know it, subscribers could become brand evangelists; focused on introducing your business to a new market.  



What other marketing platform let you instantly send a message to thousands of people across the world? Sure, social media can help you spread the word amongst a global audience - but there's no telling.



Due to the immediacy of email, a business can start seeing results within minutes of its emails being sent. A 24-hour sale is a brilliant marketing ploy that can be utilised by email, as it creates a sense of urgency and convinces subscribers to take immediate action. Businesses typically have to wait weeks until they see sales come in as a result of print or broadcast campaigns and, even then, how can they be sure what was responsible for the purchase?    


Return on investment

In the business world, results are arguably all that matters. With this in mind, the main reason that most businesses invest in email marketing is the fantastic return on investment. In 2011, the Direct Marketing Association estimated that email marketing typically returns £40 for every £1 invested. A number of sources have suggested that this is better than any other platform.


Fast Response

Let’s face it – direct mail is slow. It can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to get a response. Email Marketing however has a response in anywhere between 1 and 3 days.  It can reach a substantial amount of email subscribers in a short amount of time that has consented to receive emails that interest them.


It Has a Global Reach

No matter where you are or when you need to reach people, targeted emails can reach their targets. There are no boundaries with email marketing. Advertisers are able to get repeat business affordable and automatically.


Highly Personal

Email allows you to personalize, greet, and target every person personally.


Measurable Results

Special tools are available to you that accurately measure click through rate, conversation rate, how someone arrived at your site, and more. It is reported only second to research marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic.


Targeted Marketing

You can target a specific audience based on geography, age, income, or whatever suits your needs. Want to send email to the group of 30-35 year old females in a specific location for no extra cost? You can’t do that with print marketing.



Finally email marketing is interactive.  You can initiate campaigns using videos, graphics, music, quizzes, a game, or anything that will get your targeted client drawn in. Email marketing lets you push a message to your clients, as opposed to a website that waits for customers to come in.

All in all, email marketing is a great way to get the most profit for your business!


When you take into account, the points made above, it's easy to see why. Perhaps it's time for your business to start taking this marketing platform more seriously...



Here Is How We Can Help You.


We can send emails for you with a software at the rate of N5 per email.



You can send the emails yourself by buying the bulk email sender software from us for just N35,000 only. You will also buy email addresses from us at N1 per email address. You will also buy SMTP servers. In case you don't know what SMTP server is, well it is like units use to send emails. We will send you various website that sells SMTP servers. Sending it yourself will be a bit complex so therefore you have to be very good with email servers and how it works.


We have Nigerian, UK, Canada and U.S.A email addresses. We also have special email address base on Gender, tribe, religion, occupation etc….


Minimum purchase and sending of emails is 5000 emails.



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